BBakery Christmas afternoon tea, table set up

Christmas Afternoon Tea at BBakery

Bbakery afternoon tea, Christmas, cake, scone
Afternoon tea is probably my most favourite thing to do, if I have a spare Sunday I honestly couldn’t think many things I would rather do!

Christmas is my favourite time of year, so I guess I was bound to go to a Christmas afternoon tea at some point – don’t you just love how these things come together!

Now, even I was quite shocked at how many places are doing a Christmas or festive themed afternoon tea this year, but I have been wanting to go to BBakery for a while now so thought this was the perfect opportunity!

The set up was just as cute as I was hoping it would be!

Table upon arrival, Bakery christmas afternoon tea, candy cane

We were given fresh orange juice and asked to pick tea, coffee or hot chocolate from a wide selection. I went for the Christmas tea – obviously! It was a really nice subtle and sweet cinnamon tea. AND we were offered prosecco – I have honestly not been to a more generous afternoon tea, especially for the price of £33 (£36 if you go on a weekend).

BBakery christmas afternoon tea menu and close up of table

The candy cane and Christmas cracker just topped it all off perfectly and took my happiness levels to a good 10/10!

BBakery Christmas afternoon tea, table set up

The menu

One of my favourite parts of the entire experience was that half of the savoury offerings were warm – again I have not seen this anywhere else but it is definitely a winner!


  • British turkey on tomato bread – tomato ciabatta is always a winner!
  • Smoke salmon blini – I hate smoked salmon so I just picked it off and ate the rest which was really yummy.
  • Cucumber finger sandwich – of course!
  • Apres ski quiche (warm!) – my first quiche and it was amazing.
  • Ham and cheese croissant (warm!) – melted cheese and croissants, where can you go wrong?
  • Veggie cake (warm!) – a nice fluffy cake complimented with Mediterranean veg – delicious!


  • Christmas tree cupcake – you can’t beat a good cupcake – I created my own version which you can find here.
  • Passion fruit tart – really soft pastry and refreshing passion fruit
  • Black Forest xmas ball – apparently I like cherries (yay!), with the cutest little spoon!
  • Queen velvet – a vanilla biscuit topped with meringue – really yum!
  • Trop Chou choc – kind of like a profiterole but filled with chocolate cream!
  • Plain Scone with clotted cream and jam – served on its own because there is just no more room on the plates!

BBakery christmas afternoon tea, close up of food

BBakery scone, clotted cream and jam

The Christmas afternoon tea is running until 5th January. We even managed to get a booking for 6pm so that we could go after work!

If you get a chance to go I would definitely recommend!

Love Amy x

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