aster surprise cake, surprise chamber, mini eggs, golden eggs, close up shot, top view

Easter Surprise Cake

Hi Everyone!

How on earth is it Easter and where has 2017 gone so far?! I feel like January to March went in the blink of an eye! Not only that but it’s been sooo long since I’ve posted and I feel so bad about it, but my CTA exams are around the corner and they take up SO much of my time!

Anyway, enough of the negative vibes, HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND EVERYONE!

I made this cute Easter surprise cake to celebrate and I was so pleased with how it came out! I didn’t really have a plan for the decorating I just went with the flow which is always a good test for my creativity.

Easter surprise cake, surprise chamber, mini eggs, golden eggs, Full view

In all honesty, I have written and re-written this post three times, debating with myself what the right thing to do is, share my core cake recipes or not… Now, its not that I don’t want to share them but truth is one day I want to own my own cake business, and I don’t want to lose any authenticity when it comes to that. So right now, I have decided not to post the recipe for this cake… but I will still talk about the exciting stuff and that is the decorating! So if you have your own recipe you can mix up a batch or you can buy a box mix from a supermarket and use that!

I made 4  layers of my 7inch chocolate cake, filled with Nutella buttercream and I made a secret hidden chamber filled with mini eggs and golden eggs. I usually bake my cakes in 3-4inch deep pans and then split each one in two to make 4 layers, but you can just as easily split the mix in to 4 thinner pans and bake separately.

Once you have got your four cake layers, you need to cut holes in the two layers that will go in the middle of the cake, I used a 2 3/4inch cutter but you could easily cut around a circle template. The most important thing is to ensure the holes in both layers match up.

Then you can fill with buttercream in the middle of each of the layers, remembering to also cover the inside of the “secret chamber” we have created and to also fill it with all of your Easter goodies!

aster surprise cake, surprise chamber, mini eggs, golden eggs, close up shot, top view

The first layer of buttercream on the outside of the cake is known as the crumb coat layer. Essentially you are holding all of the crumbs of the cake within this layer of icing so that when you do your top layer that will be on show, it isn’t filled with crumbs! You can see all of the crumbs in my picture above! Once you have done your crumb coat layer you need to chill the cake for around 20 minutes+.

Once your cake is fully chilled you can do your top layer of icing, use a palette knife to cover your cake with buttercream and smooth with a cake scraper, some use a bench scraper – as long as you get a smooth finish it doesn’t matter how you get it!

I used a Wilton 2D tip to pipe the swirls on top of the cake and covered in alternating mini eggs and golden eggs.

                 Easter surprise cake, surprise chamber, mini eggs, golden eggs, close up shot, top viewaster surprise cake, surprise chamber, mini eggs, golden eggs, close up shot

I think the cake has a nice simplicity about it but the inside is a nice surprise and is and exciting twist for Easter!

I would love to see all of your Easter creations, and if you have any questions about anything in this post please leave a comment below!

I won’t leave it as long next time, promise!

Love Amy x

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