Welcome to my Cake Journey…

Hello and welcome to my cake journey!

As you may know by now I have recently started this blog to talk about all things cake and I wanted to give you all an official welcome as I start this journey of mine!

I love baking and I love eating so really this is a no brainer for me, I just can’t believe I’ve taken this long to make myself do it!

What can you expect from this blog?

  1. Cake recipes – of course I will be making my own recipes and sharing these for anyone that wants to try it out themselves!
  2. Afternoon tea reviews – I absolutely love afternoon tea so I plan to share my experiences with you and let you know the good, bad and everything in between!
  3. Overseas delicacies – I love to travel and when I do, I always try the local “sweet” dish and often become obsessed with it. After each trip I am going to try and recreate each of these bakes for you.
  4. Hopefully we will get to know a bit about each other along the way and maybe you will even start your own cake journey with me 🙂

P.s. this is not an exhaustive list but I feel baking, cake etc. are a bit vague so I just wanted to let you guys know where I would like to go with all of this!

If you try any of my recipes I would love to hear how they turned out, please leave a comment or contact me here!

Love Amy x


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